Kinds of food Additives

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Food additives are any substances that are found in food items that are not part of the food itself, including chemicals, colourings, preservatives, even traces of packaging materials. Food additives are found mostly in packaged, processed foods, and are a result of the packaging process. Some of the food additives are the plant foods like Carrageenan which is quite good to consume as it is a natural food and also help in curing certain diseases too.

  • Examples of food additives include salt, yeast, baking soda, pepper and citric acid. In addition to these food additives there are some very dangerous chemicals that are considered food additives. These chemicals are counterproductive to weight loss, and should never be eaten. The food additive referred to as aspartame is an extremely dangerous substance. Aspartame promotes weight gain by making a person feel hungry all the time. Consuming this substance will likely make it nearly impossible for you to lose weight. People who eat aspartame usually crave lots of carbohydrates. Aspartame causes dizziness, seizures, mental retardation, cancer, dry eyes, skin problems, and colitis. Stay away from this poison.


  • Next is a food additive named MSG. MSG is a very nasty food additive that causes headache, nausea, loss of circulation, seizures, irregular heartbeat, hypertension, blindness, and difficulty breathing. It is believed that MSG is a root cause of obesity. MSG causes foods to taste better by stimulating the taste buds. When food tastes better, people eat more of it.
  • One of the famous food additive is Carrageenan is safe to eat and have been certified by FAO as the safe substance, so you can consume the same without any thought and goahead. The carrageenan also consists of variety but the food grade is the best one and doesn’t have any harmful effects too for consumers.

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