Everything There is to Know about Carrageenan

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How do we know that carrageenan is a safe food additive?

The substance was used in the United Kingdom way back in 18th century itself for it healing properties. According to Dr. Tobacman’s research, which was read and reviewed by the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), which consists of expert toxicologists, they claimed that the food graded or food substance of the carrageenan was safe.

During their review, they evaluated the degradation process of the substance on laboratory animals. These tests were done using very high levels of poligeenan and concluded that is can cause cancer. According to the Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), the food quality substances were found to have no harmful effects on the body and are good to consume in limited amounts or prescribed according to your personal physician.


The main use of carrageenan is to thicken the food items. However, like we read above, the degraded part of this substance comes with no thickening properties and should be never be consumed or used in foods. Sadly, due to the harmful effects of degraded part of this substance, it has often been related to food rated which is safe and can be consumed.

Does carrageenan come with any dangers?

You will want to know that carrageenan is safe for consumption in prescribed amounts. You will want to consume it and not apply it on areas of your body. They come in the form of creams and other supplements, which can be harmful as they are not the food rated one. They become the degraded part of this amazing and safe substance.

Since you know that it reduces blood pressure and slows down blood clots, you will want to avoid it when pregnant, recovering from surgeries, and have low blood pressure. When you experience the above conditions, then you might want to reconsider taking it till your body becomes normal and your physician gives you the go ahead signal.

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