Terms used to Describe Mixed Residential Developments

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In general, the mixed residential community will be something that refers to the existence of a wide variety of different land uses and destinations with the same location. It could be anything from a project area to a locality or a building. A myriad of land uses will be co-located along side each other on the same street or even one above the other in the same building like shops on the ground floor and residential developments in the higher floors.

Terms Used

The term mixed use or mixed residential will refer to building that will contain a mix of uses such as commercial, non-residential and retail all the while maintaining an active business and commercial environment at the street level. This will often be in conjunction with the residential areas on the upper level or in a horizontal deployment. The term land use will describe the land that has been zoned for a particular purpose.

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This will include different types of uses like retail, residential, civic, open space, commercial and mixed uses within the town planning schemes. Destinations will refer to the specific types of business that are present within a community like park place residences paya lebar. These could be anything from hotels to cinemas to banks or supermarkets.

Calculating Land Use

The term land use mix is used very often throughout the public health studies and literature in order to describe the diversity or mix of different land uses or types of destination that exists in a given area. The measure of land use mix is often computed in the geographic information system or GIS and it will include simple counts of the different types of destination and land uses that are present within a neighborhood. A community like park place residences paya lebar will have many values that should be measured using entropy formulas that can measure the variety and distribution of land usage.

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