What are some of the options of air purifiers

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When you check air purifier reviews you will come across various brands, models, types and options. Some air purifier reviews state about certain options and some pay glowing tributes to other features.

Some of the options to choose from are:

  1. UV Light: This technology is added to certain air purifiers so that germs, bacteria and viruses get zapped. It destroys the structure of the DNA of the particles and so they are then made harmless to humans. This helps to create an environment which is sterile and rid of contaminants which causes illnesses.
  2. Ionic generators: These work on the technology where they emit ions in the air and this makes the particles latch on and weigh down and so they fall to the ground. This way they are not inhaled by the lungs. However, some people who are asthmatic may suffer from worse breathing problems as a result of these ionic generators.

air purifier reviews

  1. HEPA filters are of two kinds. There are the true HEPA filters which are dense and they capture 99.97% of the particles which are even as small as .3 microns. Thus most pet dander, dust, allergens and pollen get trapped. The HEPA type filter captures particles which are even as small as 2 microns. However, these are not standard and so can even allow particles of 4 microns to go through and so it is better to choose true HEPA filters.
  2. Carbon or charcoal filters are effective for removing off odors as they absorb all kind of smells from pets, cooking, smoke or even chemicals.
  3. Pre-filter are used to increase the life of the main filter which is in the air purifier as it traps the larger particles and allows the filter to actually filter out particles which are smaller.

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