Let not your age decide your choice of jeans

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It is rightly said that your age cannot dictate your style. You should always be yourself and look your best and this is what sets you apart. But if you keep following the trend you become a part of the crowd and get lost. Loosing yourself is something that one must be careful of. It is only the right balance between your comfort and your style that will make you look stylish. The flare jeans are here to give that perfect and delicate balance.

What to avoid

As a woman ages she thinks that she should abstain from fitted clothing but the fact is that it is not the age that will decide what you wear but how you wear a particular dress is what is going to decide it. Very comfortable looking mommy pants are a strict no for you because they snatch away the beautiful curves that you have and give you a boring straight cut. You must also avoid ging in for the low rise jeans because that may give you a muffin top appearance. Basically, you must avoid making a beeline after all that is in so called trend.

flared jeans

What to wear

Wearing a woman’s pants or jeans should largely be dictated by your height. The length of your leg is what is of utmost importance. For the women who are tall with perfect body to legs ratio and slender legs nothing looks bad. But, for those of you who are not blessed with such great proportions need to go in for the flare jeans. The short legs need to be shown some increased length by wearing the jeans that are straight in cut.

The flare jeans has been in vogue since the 60s and is here to stay because this is a great escape for many people who are not so much into skinny jeans.

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