Compatibility as per astrology

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Astrology signs help you to get a basic insight into not only your strengths and weaknesses but also the compatibility with other signs. People that have good horoscope compatibility are more likely to get along better than those who are not astrologically compatible, as a result of them being on the same wavelength. Those whose horoscope dates do not match, will need to be more tactful and more patient if they want to be in a harmonious and happy relationship.

4 types of astrology signs

The four types of signs. They are represented by the 4 elements which are : Fire, Earth, Air as well as Water.

The fire signs are Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. The Earth signs are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. The Air signs are Libra, Aquarius as well as Gemini and Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio as well as Pisces.

Complementary signs

horoscope dates

Those signs which belong to the same element are more compatible naturally as they are able to understand each other better. Air is also compatible with Fire and Water is compatible with Earth signs. The strongest attraction is with opposite signs and this has the most potential as well. Infact, horoscope dates are usually shared with those who deal in synastry which is actually the branch of astrology which deals in relationship horoscopes.

The reason why people go in for synastry is to find out the strengths as well as the weaknesses of their relationship and to get better understanding of their partners. This helps them with their love life as well as in the marital life as well.

Astrology is something which gives us a deeper understanding of the world and it gives assurances for the future and it shows a way where issues can be resolved and relationships with partners, friends and family can be improved.

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