How do promotional codes work

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Promotional codes are used as a marketing tool. It is used to increase the footfall, increase sale and boost revenues. This works not only in physical stores but also on ecommerce sites as well. This works alike for retailers and wholesalers as well as distributors. The way it works is that customers are given a discount on certain items. This discount either can be on an individual item or else it can be on the entire order. Discounts like Kohls coupon or Kohls promo code or the promo codes available at Wowpromocode allow for either a percentage of the amount being reduced or a certain fixed dollar amount to be reduced. Some may offer free shipping and handling or others may provide gift wrapping.

Kohls promo code

What do promo codes look like

If you go to certain sites you are asked to click here for the coupon code to be revealed. This coupon code or discount code which is then shown is usually a combination of letters and numbers. It usually ranges between 4 characters to 12 characters.

Why do promotional codes work

These promotional codes or coupon codes work as people are given an incentive to buy. Customers benefit by the reduced price or cost of the goods they purchase and the store generates revenue as well as increased footfall. This strategy has been tried and tested and it works well not only with new customers but with returning customers as well. This also directly impacts the shopping experience and the levels of customer satisfaction. When it was studied, it was found that customers who receive coupons are happier than when they receive a gift. It showed people who received coupons and promotional codes had higher levels of oxytocin as compared to those who received gifts. Oxytocin is the hormone which generates feelings of happiness.


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