Smart pet collars: GPS for Dogs and cats

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Technology is not just focussing on people now but has also provided some innovative and very useful gadgets for our beloved pets too. Hereafter your loving dogs can also get matched up with the most recent contraptions. We are not talking about the new android version launched, the Google glasses or the apple gadgets. There are some best Gps for dogs or any other pet collars available in today’s market with advanced technical features. Let us look at two popular smart dog collars here.

Different GPS tracking systems

Nuzzle is a famous GPS dog collar. The smart Dog collar will stay up with the latest news with all the activities of your pet for the entire day utilizing technologies like GPS, an action tracker and also the Bluetooth. This super cool device is available at $149 in the online market. This can be used for any pets, cats, and the dogs, the contraption comes fitted with a neckline, however, can likewise be mounted all along neckline or tackle utilizing the given connection.

Gps for dogs3

Different components, for example, the temperature can be observed utilizing the application dedicated to itself and you can even include more numbers of pets. Likewise, you can also set up a virtual or geo-fence with the goal that you get told if your pet strays. This is definitely different from other pet trackers, and there are no membership expenses.

The Tag GPS Plus is another awesome tracking system that can be used to take care of our loving pets. The Tag GPS for dogs has upgraded its tracker, including a few new elements like the temperature hazard sensor that can, for instance, caution you if your doggy is sitting in a very hot vehicle. Newly produced model also includes a littler Tag to get an exact GPS tracking and also the track lock neckline connection for better toughness. The GPS + will likewise give you few points of interest on your hairy mate’s level of movement for that particular day. This smart collar is available at $79 and the plus starts at $7 every month.


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