Reseller programs of buah merah gold

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Reseller programs of buah merah gold

Buah Merah Gold is an anti oxidant drink with literally super powers. It has numerous benefits for your general health and well being. It has been introduced and made by Kaizen Marketing Enterprise. Gerald A. Rivas is the CEO and President of this organization. Mr. Rivas is extremely friendly and approachable. In fact, on the Facebook page of Buah Merah Gold, he has also given his phone number. This is proof of his magnanimous nature and talks about his company too.

Reseller Program-

buah merah gold

This company sells the product directly. Unlike other products, they do not go by the networking concept. This way, they are able to keep the product priced much lower compared to other supplements. There are no up lines or leaders who need pay outs.

The company also gives attractive Reseller and Distribution programs. The selling rate of Buah Merah Gold boxes are 350 Pesos per box. But the Resellers are being given the same boxes at 250 Pesos; with a minimum purchase of 10 boxes at least. Another mobile stockiest offer is a minimum of 250 boxes which would cost a mere 210 Pesos.

If you join the Reseller program you can also avail free flyers and a free tarpaulin which is one by two feet in size.


The company has a dedicated team and can be reached easily; their response time is quite fast. Users who have ordered this product have given very positive Buah Merah Gold reviews. Since there have been no side effects experienced so far, they have all commended this product. No side effect means – it can also be used on a long term basis. People have claimed that this product has not only helped them in their general well being but also with their very specific problems. Joint pains, diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, general weakness, liver problems, ovarian problems etc. These are just a few to be named; the benefits of this product are wider and far reaching.


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