Thailand – an Ideal Place where you will Find Everything

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Thailand – an Ideal Place where you will Find Everything

Thailand, a place which was previously known as Siam, is a country at the centre of India China peninsula in the south eastern region of Asia. The place is an ideal one for tourists and travellers as you will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains, or spend some time lavishly basking under the sun at the beeches, or you might want to try out some adventures in the wild forests of Thailand, and this country has everything to offer to you, so what would be your ideal backpacking Thailand when you want to visit the country.

Mountain Ranges in Thailand

backpacking Thailand

Mountains are a part of the south Asian countries, where the mighty Himalayas stretch for a long distance, and then there are many other mountain ranges that distinctly separate the middle and northern Asian countries from the southern ones. Thailand, being situated in the south eastern region also has some distinct mountain ranges, which are all in the range of one thousand to three thousand meters in range and average being about two thousand meters. So your backpack Thailand would be on the equipment’s that you might need for mountain climbing, if you are fascinated on that part with some warm clothes as these mountains will give you the chills that you might not have experienced earlier. Popular mountain ranges like DoiPhaHomPok (2285 in elevation), Doi Chiang Dao (2175 meter), KhaoKacheu La (2152 meter in height) and many others are some popular tourist destinations here. There are about one hundred and fifty plus mountain range in this country to choose from, and the highest peak is DoiInthanon which is about 2565 meter in height. You can always have some nice picture of yourself at the summit of this mountain and get the much needed attention, so this place is an ideal one for the people who want to visit the mountains.


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