Dragon dance or Lion dance, Singapore has you covered

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Dragon dance or Lion dance, Singapore has you covered

With two major tourist attractions in celebrations of new year, the dragon dance and lion dance singapore has been constantly evolving their new year functions. These long drawn parties have evolved to an extent that Singapore new year celebrations is considered by many as legendary in their own right.

So when we hear Dragon dance and lion dance, what are some of the major differences between the two. Let us try to understand these on a broad scale.


The troupe

lion dance singapore

Firstly while Lion dance is performed by 2 people, a dragon dance needs many. The number of performing artists in dragon dance depends not the size and length of the dragon costume that has been made for the event. In lion dance however, the number of people wearing the costume is always 2, not more, not less. Of course, all the participants in either of these come from various kung fu schools.


The method

The second difference is that in lion dance you go inside the lion costume, which means you actually wear it. In a dragon dance however, the long and serpentine dragon is hoisted on poles by the artistes and is twirled and twisted as per the music beats. The performers do not wear the dragon nor do they go inside it.

Apart from these 2 major differences that can help you differentiate between these two exciting dance forms, there are minor differences, like the lion will been more furry while the dragon sometimes comes with fireworks. The body of the dragon is also long and segmented.

While both are quite different, they are similar in energy and enthusiasm. So whether you are interested in watching a dragon dance or a lion dance, Singapore has options for you to get a glimpse of both. If you can , then watch both of them, but if time does not permit that, groove to the beats of the one you can see.

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